An online learning experience focused around providing students the opportunity to tour businesses virtually, to supplement their regular classroom activities.


Business Need

Students need to visit businesses as part of their university study. These visits provide real world context to their academic curriculum. The problem arises however that it is impracticable, and some times impossible for students to visit all of the necessary businesses. A solution is needed to solve this business need.

Our Solution

Our team chose to implement an online, interactive platform that would enable students to virtually visit a business. Based around floor plants of a business, points of interest are identified, which when selected, present contextual information. This information comes in the form of interviews with staff from the businesses, images of work environments, and video tours.

My Contribution

As a front-end developer, my contribution to the product focused on implementing the client application that is built in JavaScript, using a JSON data file to define the mapping between points of interest and floor plans. This JSON data file was planned to be switched to an API provided data in a future release of the tool.